KGM, Inc  DBA Carlisle Roofing
7312 Frederick Circle  Omaha, NE  68128  402-593-6800

A recent project.
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A recent project.
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We are a locally owned and operated residential roofing company specializing in asphalt and wood shingles. 
We use 'Nails Only' with NO Staples used.

We are fully licensed and insured .

Our services include:
    • Residential Roofing-- Asphalt and Wood
    • Roof Repairs
    • Gutters
    • Gutter Repair
We provide FREE ESTIMATES...give us a call 402-593-6800

We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau

Carlisle Roofing, Inc* 7312 Frederick Circle * Omaha* NE* 68128 Phone: (402) 593-6800